Lady Bullworker

Lady Bullworker - the lady bullworker is the best & fastest way for women to tone up, add lean muscle & lose body fat quickly in the comfort of your own home. Lady bullworkers use isometric muscle contraction to stimulate and tone lean muscle which in turn burns body fat. Many consider this to be the best isometric exercise home gym workout machine for women. The Lady Bullworker is a lean muscle building machine. How much muscle? Well that depends on a host of factors, however for any woman who wants to tone and lose fat it is quite simply an amazing piece of equipment. You can choose exercises that will directly target your stomach or thighs. You can tighten, tone or seriously strengthen your arms. If you are not happy with your general shape you can add muscle to the sides of your shoulders and take size off your waist, in this way your overall body shape will look radically better. Lady Bullworker is one of the few pieces of equipment made specifically for women and gives results better than can be achieved through going to the gym without the expense of a gym membership. If you are a stay at home Mother with kids to look after who simply cant get the time to go to the gym then keep the gym in your home!! Simple to use , cheap to own, lasts for years and when used properly gives simply amazing results.


The basic principal behind the original bullworker was that of isometric muscle contraction. Isometric contraction, is one in which the muscle is activated, but instead of being allowed to lengthen or shorten, it is held at a constant length. This isometrics muscle contraction is not done through a range of movements but in a static position. Isometrics is based on the principles of creating muscular tension while opposing the force of an immovable object or gravity. Isometrics are done with high levels of intensity (70-100%) rather than repetitious movements typically for a period of 7-12 seconds. Once the muscle is relaxed after the contraction increases blood flow to the muscles occurs which equals more nutrition and energy uptake which in turn increases the muscle mass (size). Later on the principals behind the bullworker were enhanced so as to make it more of a muscle building, as opposed to just pure strength building piece of home gym apparatus with the introduction of repetitions. This involved several repetitions pushing or pulling and releasing throughout the full range of the movement (or as far as your strength would allow you) and on the final repetition then doing the traditional bullworker hold phase or isometric contraction.


The Lady Bullworker

The Lady Bullworker used the principals of the original bull worker but was in a device which as not as "strong" as the original unit. When the bull worker was originally launched by German designer Gert F Kolbel it was marketed to a traditional male audience. With the Jane Fonda revolution that sparked the women's fitness boom women increasingly wanted results and fast!! The Lady Bullworker was a device that produced results quickly. The problem that it had initially was the the marketing was not up to the standard of the "male" bullworker which led to bullworkers being the must have muscle building piece of equipment for a generation. Recently new versions of the bullworker have been launched some of which take the original concept of the Lady Bullworker to a whole new level and with the benefit of modern scientific research women are able to again gain results, often amazing results much faster than they ever thought possible.